Which One to Buy? AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Comparison

Which One to Buy? AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Comparison

Even with reverse mirrors and side mirrors, sometimes it can be very hard to see the full picture of the situation behind your car. That’s why you will need a backup camera in your vehicle. These cameras can help to reduce the risk of accidents and assist parking. However, if you are not a motor enthusiast, installing the camera in your car is back-breaking. A good wireless backup camera can save all the trouble of wiring and drilling if you want to do it yourself and save a fat installation fee.


AUTO-VOX has a big line-up of wireless backup cameras to suit all budgets and needs. Models vary in resolution, field of view, screen size, signal type, and night vision capability. If you are not sure which one to get, this article can help you to choose the best model for your car.


AUTO-VOX products boast of high quality and good after-service. All of these wireless backup cameras consist of IP68 waterproof cameras which can also withstand extreme temperatures. They have been maintaining high ranks in the Amazon Vehicle backup camera category. With that being said, they do differ from each other in some important features as follows.


1. Field of View (FOV)
A higher field of view can help you see more space clearly, which is important if you need to do a lot of parallel parking. In our line-up, T1400 and M1W offer a higher 170 diagonal degree field of view while the others offer a diagonal 140 degrees. Angle of degree 140 covers around 3 lanes behind your car, which helps you see all obstacles when reversing or parking. With a 170 degrees field of view, driver visibility can be greatly increased, and basically, no blind spot is left.



2. Signal
The signal type is extremely important for a wireless backup camera. The 2 types of systems mainly being used are analog and digital. Compared to digital, analog signal has some limitations in transmit distance, resolution, and video quality. Furthermore, the analog signal tends to be more interfered with by other signals such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and radio. If you want your signal to be more stable and far-reaching, wireless backup cameras that use digital signals could be a better choice, for example, Solar 1, CS-2, and W7.



3. Mounting option
Most of the AUTO-VOX backup cameras come with a strong suction cup with which you can adhere the monitor to the dashboard or the windshield. T1400 stands out from others because it is an OEM-Look mirror backup camera. With the four kinds of brackets included in the package, it can replace the original mirror of most mainstream cars. This type of mirror can prevent vibrations or jolts during driving since they are just like the original mirror.


If you have little confidence in wiring and drilling and so on, you can choose Solar 1 to save the trouble. This product only needs 5 minutes to install because it’s powered by the sun. Find more info about Solar 1 here.



4. Screen size, night vision and price
The display size of the products mentioned above is from 4.3” to 5”. Some have better night vision ability than others, but basically, they are all quite helpful when you want to see more at night. Product prices are all affordable, considering you need to pay no installation fee with them.