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20% total profit investment on new innovative products

Our side view camera and wireless monitor and camera are cutting-edge products, thanks to our powerful and efficient R&D team. Our customers can expect 3-4 new innovative products from us yearly. 

Market Oriented

Focus on the market feedback and develop market-oriented new products.

Every half year, we perform customer satisfaction survey, to collect customers' comments and ideas about our products. Before and during new products development, we discuss the appearance, new functions, new technology with our key customers, who have the first hand market feedbacks.

Our R&D talents are constantly keeping an eye on the latest technology and innovation trend. 


R&D Team

Five engineers are all with 6-8 years’ R&D experience. One is master degrees. Two are bachelor degrees. Our R&D team is willing to hear the market feedback, customers’ voice and think out of the box when comes to innovation. 

R&D device

l Digital spectrum analyzers (in house)

l Digital oscilloscopes (in house)

l Simulate oscilloscopes (in house)

l Signal generator Digital (in house)